Who can participate in the Capacity Auction (Demand Response) Program?

Continue reading to learn about the eligibility requirements for the IESO's Capacity Auction.

Currently, there are 4 classes of assets that are deemed eligible to participate in the Capacity Auction:
  • Capacity Auction (DR) resources
    • The Capacity Auction resources are loads that can curtail their demand from the grid when needed and include physical hourly demand response (HDR), virtual HDR and dispatchable loads. 
  • Non-contracted generation resources
    • Generation resources are pretty self-explanatory and include assets like natural gas generators and small wind turbines that are not currently under contract.
  • System-backed capacity import resources
    • System-backed capacity import resources are broader and include capacity received from neighboring jurisdictions like Quebec or Michigan.
  • Storage resources.
    • Storage resources are a particularly interesting asset class and include battery systems and compressed air facilities just to name a few.